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History of NALS

It was 1929 in Long Beach, California, and Eula Mae Jett along with several of her colleagues established a group that met and discussed topics affecting their careers as legal secretaries.  The focus of these meetings shifted to education and the popularity grew.  These meetings continued and the word of their success spread across the country.  By 1949 chapters had developed similar groups and the National Association of Legal Secretaries was formed.  NALS began to hold meetings not only on the local level but expanded to include state, regional, and even national meetings focusing on the legal services industry.  This was the first time anything of this nature would take place.

NALS was formed and began moving ahead with the goal of enhancing the careers of legal secretaries.  As the profession evolved so did NALS.  The information needed by legal secretaries was changing along with their job descriptions and the information provided by NALS paralleled this shift.  Diversity of membership reflected a changing legal services industry.

After several years of discussion on the topic of a name change to better reflect the nature and membership of NALS, it was determined that NALS would no longer be used as an acronym but rather as a name.  This was determined because it was evident something needed to change but the rich history could not be abandoned. NALS determined to go with the new name along with the tag line “…the association for legal professionals” in 1999.

Today NALS remains a leader in the legal services industry offering professional development by providing continuing legal education, certifications, information, and training to those choosing the legal services industry as their career.  NALS members represent every area of this industry from paralegals and legal assistants to legal administrators and office managers.  Because of this diversity and an openness to welcome all members of the industry, NALS offers a broad spectrum of expertise to make the programs offered valuable to all members of the legal services industry. This allows NALS members to learn about other areas of the industry, making career enhancement as well as advancement easily attainable.Our association has a strong heritage in the legal field and holds the honor of being the oldest association formed for legal support professionals. Established in 1929 by our founder Eula Mae Jett, incorporated as the National Association of Legal Secretaries in 1949, and renamed NALS…the association for legal professionals in 1999, the association has always been a leader in the legal support profession. In fact, some of the very first legal assistants in the profession were members of NALS and today over half of NALS’ membership is comprised of legal assistants and paralegals.

NALS is a dedicated, ethical, professional association that gives back to the profession as well as its members. In addition to the NALS certifications, NALS offers outstanding educational programs and services to meet the needs of the paralegal/legal assistant and the legal secretary as well as other legal support positions. Additionally, in the spirit of giving back to the profession, NALS offers online continuing legal education at no charge to members and nonmembers alike. Please review the many programs and services offered by NALS.


History of DCLP and NALS of Nevada

We are a non-profit affiliation of NALS. Our members share NALS' mission and goals and strive to "engage, inspire, enhance and promote" the legal professionals in our area of Northern Nevada.

The Douglas Carson Legal Secretaries Association was chartered in 1985 with 10 members and has evolved to what we have today...Douglas-Carson Legal Professionals, currently at 31 members.  

Our State Chapter was formed in the 1970s and evolved into NALS of Nevada. For many decades, NALS of Nevada was committed to providing superb legal support resources to Nevada's legal professionals, one resource of which was its publication of the Legal Forms "Handbook" that many came to know and love. The Handbook and regular annual meetings provided support to Nevada's three local chapters. Sadly, due to changing times and a reduced membership, NALS of Nevada discontinued the publication of the Handbook and dissolved its charter making way to strengthen its local chapters.

Today, as a result of streamlining the NALS chapters in Northern Nevada, DCLP is experiencing increased membership and participation, helping to facilitate its mission to:

engage | inspire | enhance | promote


Engage legal professionals on their terms.

Inspire legal professionals to want more.

Enhance the careers of legal professionals.

Promote legal professionals and the legal support industry.